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Adult Bearded Dragon Pogona vitticeps. We have some beautiful captive-bred adult Bearded Dragons for sale, and a variety of types as well. These amazing lizards are . Feeding Adult Bearded Dragons Adult bearded dragons will eat much less insects than younger dragons. This is less exciting to watch, but it is a lot cheaper! If you overfeed an adult bearded dragon he/she can easily become overweight or unhealthy. Adults main diet will be vegetables, but once per day you will want to feed them insects.

Feeding An Adult Bearded Dragon. A bearded dragon is considered to be an adult once it reaches an age over 18 months old. At this stage in its life, the feeding schedule becomes much more subdued, except for females during breeding. An adult can be offer a flexible, balanced diet of insects and vegetables once a day, to sometimes once every. The name Bearded Dragon comes from their ability to puff or flare out the skin under their throats, often darkening the skin to a black color, which looks like a beard. Adult male Bearded Dragons can be territorial and should be housed separately. Do not house different reptile species together. Diurnal - Awake during the day, sleep at night.