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Sep 08, 2011 · To change a disposable adult diaper, first undo the tape sides and roll the person onto their side. Then, clean up what you can with a wipe, especially if they have defecated. Next, pull the diaper through the person’s legs towards their backside and fold it up to contain any dirt.79%(149). Prepare expanded. Cover the diaper changing surface with disposable liner. If you will use diaper cream, dispense it onto a tissue now. Bring your supplies (e.g., clean diaper, wipes, diaper cream, gloves, plastic or waterproof bag for soiled clothing, extra clothes) to the diapering area.

10 Steps to Change a Diaper in Child Care. Prepare for the diaper change. Collect supplies needed (clean diaper, wipes, plastic bags, latex gloves, and clean clothes) and place them near –- but not on –- the diapering table. Cover the table with a disposable covering, such as nonporous paper. Tips from the video As you wipe the bottom clean, fold the used diaper inward so your older adult stays clean. After wiping clean, expose the bottom to air-dry before putting on a fresh diaper. Use a barrier cream to keep skin healthy and free of sores. For men, point the penis downward so the.

Jul 31, 2019 · Roll the used diaper inward as you remove it to contain any mess. Place the soiled adult diaper into a plastic grocery bag for disposal (but do not seal the bag yet). Using pre-moistened wipes, or skin cleanser and disposable cloths, clean the person's diaper area, front and back, as thoroughly as possible. Avoid pressing or rubbing the skin. DIAPERING PROCEDURES STEP 1. Prepare for Diapering Before Bringing Child to the Table. Change the table paper (if used) to cover the table from the child's shoulders to feet (in case it becomes soiled and must be folded over to create a clean surface during the change).