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This story is not only sneeze-filled and sexy, it has a great undertone of humour as well. - Shadowscast. Happy Berry Jill and Karen share a very special bond. A liking for sensuality, sex, and sneezing are only a few of the things that bind them together. Come and watch sparks fly as the girls add a bit of pungent massage oil to their. Nov 16, 2016 · 18 Bizarre Sex Stories That'll Make You Think Twice About Having Sex Again. The violent sneeze. "My boyfriend and I were having sex doggy style in the shower when I felt a big sneeze .

Jan 28, 2014 · This sub-forum is for sharing sneezing fiction (original or fandom based). There is no requirement for the content to be based on real events, but if you feel inspired to write fiction based on an observation, please feel free to share that here too.Please remember to mark any gender (of characters or people who sneeze). Lucy was spreadeagled, naked, on her bed. Her wrists and ankles were held by ties which were attached to the bedposts. To make things worse, a pair of her panties were stuffed deep into her mouth.

Sam finds himself in a female body when he sneezes Steve and Sarah return to their rock. and other exciting erotic at! Surprise visit starts their weekend together. and other exciting erotic at!

Find the hottest sneeze stories you'll love. Read hot and popular stories about sneeze on Wattpad. Love at First Sneeze: (18+) The second story, also posted under Serotica in March 2001 (this time under Bondi). The story of a man who is mugged in a dark alley and is taken care of by a friend he just met who has really bad allergies. Contains a small amount of male sneezing, but mostly female. Has adult situations (IE--sex) and some violence.

Karen adores Cherie’s frequent sneezing fits. In return Cherie worships Karen’s firm round little bottom. To the outside world their tastes might seem strange, but together they make the perfect couple. (Please note that this series contains references to anal sex) Part 1: Cherie and Karen (i). Literotica free adult community is one of the biggest adult sites on the web offering over 5000 free sex stories, erotic audio, chat, personals, amateur pics, and much more. Updated daily.