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No No to remove penis hair. But to answer your original question- I see no reason why hair removal tools/potions that work on hair anywhere else on the body wouldn’t work on the penis. So yes, you can use it, and it should be just as effective as anywhere else on your body. The only issue I could see is that the skin may be more. Laser hair removal uses lasers to target the roots of hair beneath the surface of the skin. Several treatments are needed for desired results. Most laser treatments will significantly reduce, and may even eliminate, the overall amount of hair in the.

If you have particularly thick or unruly hair on the shaft of your penis, you may want to consider laser hair removal. Though this method is much more expensive than shaving, it guarantees that the unwanted hair will be removed permanently. The laser hair removal process eliminates hair by sending a small amount of energy directly to hair. If anyone choses to do laser hair removal make sure you get a decent price. Do not compromise quality as it could lead to your penis getting burnt by an unqualified technician. Any laser hair removal company cannot guarantee that you will see ANY results as no one .

Having ingrown hair on penile shaft or base is probably an experience every man will shy away from discussing. Well, shyness aside! Read on to find out the possible causes, symptoms, pictures and most importantly, how to remove this kind of embarrassing hair in this area. Causes Ingrown Hair Male Genitals The penile shaft is [ ]Author: Ashley Hale. Feb 14, 2017 · Is hair on my penis normal? Urologist comments on problem and what YOU can do about it HAIR on the penis is an occurrence some men experience, Author: Emily Hodgkin.

Laser Hair Removal. This is a less painful substitute to electrolysis and for some people, may result in permanent hair removal. The laser for hair removal can be adjusted to the sensitive skin on the testicles but it will still require multiple treatments over the course of a few months. Pros of Laser Treatments. Aug 15, 2006 · Best Answer: Please do not use Nair on your penis and testicles. Geez! Some of these answers! If you truly want a clean shaven penis and testicle sac then you must learn how to shave gently and carefully. Specialists do it fairly eaily but to do it at home requires patience and Followers: 4.