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Tractor Operated Seed Cum Fertilizer Drill. Providing you the best range of spring type agricultural nine tine seed drill, hubli type corn seed fertilizer drill, seed cum fertilizer drill (with cultivator), seed cum fertilizer drill box type, seed cum fertilizer drill and seed cum fertilizer seed drill with effective & . The Seed cum fertilizer drill matches the PTO RPM of tractor and hence saves fuel during operation. By using blending control (PC and DC lever setting) the Seed cum fertilizer drill drops the seeds at .

Seed Cum Fertilizer Drill & Operated Automatic Seed Drill. We have earned eminence in manufacturing and supplying an extensive range of Agricultural Machines. These products are find extensive usage in agricultural sector for various applications. LECTURE – 8 SOWING METHODS - SEED DRILLS, SEED CUM FERTILIZER DRILLS - COMPONENTS AND FUNCTIONS Sowing is an art of placing seeds in the soil to have good germination in the field. A perfect sowing gives a. Correct amount of seed per unit area.

We are engaged in offering a wide range of tractor drawn seed cum fertilizer drill available in 9, 11, 13 tines models. These are used for sowing various types of seeds such as garlic, groundnut, wheat, cinnamon, milled, cotton, gram, green, gram, castor, maize, sun-flower, soyabean, fenugreek and every type of seeds. With the. Green System Seed Cum Fertilizer Drill is a efficient implement, perfect match for 5000 series tractors.